7 Day Theory.. Is Pac Alive?

suspicious facts

This on the right is the title page of  Discourses Upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livy by Niccolo Machaivilli, one of the books Tupac had read while in prison. Machaivili was a primce and was famous, he wanted to get away from this kind of life, of fame and problems and enemies. So he faked his death so that he could live a normal life. He also faked his death in order to kill his enemies. This was back in Rome. The reason for telling you this is because in one of Tupacs interveiws he said "Sometimes, well most of the time I want to get away, I don't want to rap anymore, I dont want to be famous, and most of all I don't want to be a gangsta anymore, I just want to live a normal life, with no worries, but it'll never be that way." This is important because that's exactly how Machaivilli felt.

Niccolo Machaivilli

Tupac had became a great fan of Machaivilli's and had studied his works alot while he was in prison. Maybe Tupac took his advice when he stated in Chapter XIII when Machaivilli says  "a prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to decieve..." This is very similar to verses in some of Tupac's songs.

Tupac & Makaveli

So now that we know about Machaivilli... why do you think Tupac changed his name to Makaveli. We know he studied his works. Why did Tupac admire his works so much, why did he have such dedication, why was he so inspired by his works, on the other hand why was Tupac so in to his works that he changed his name and named his album after his works. Machaivelli was famous because of Killuminati: The 7 day Theory. Now what is the 7 day theory. Some religions believe that one year is one day in gods eyes. If that is the case what would 7 years be in gods eyes. It would be 7 days. In Machaivelli's book he talked about the killuminati and how he would fake his death for 7 years.

What About # 7

7 what about the number 7. Is that Tupacs number or what. First there was the 7 day theory.. than... Tupac was shot on Sept. 7th, he lived the 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th and died the 13th. Now he lived 6 days and died on the 7TH day after the shooting, notice the 7 day theory.

Tupac died at 4:03. 4 + 3= 7. Now Tupac died at the age of 25. 2+5=7.

Tupac's album All Eyes on Me was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac "died" on Sept.13, 1996. It is quite a coincidence that the two dates are exactly 7 months apart.

All Eyes On Me

All Eyes On Me came out exactly 7 months before Tupac died. It held songs like "I ain't Mad at Cha" & "Life Goes On"

The video "I ain't Mad at Cha" was released only a few days after his death. "I ain't Mad at Cha" is track 13(Tupac died on the 13th) on the album All Eyes On Me. The video shows Tupac as an angel in heaven. In the video, Tupac was shot after leaving a theater with a friend, which is very similar to how he was shot in real life.

In life Goes on Tupac raps about his Funeral and how he wants it to be. In many of Tupac songs he raps about being buried. So why wasn't he buried, why was he cremated. Especially, why was he cremated the very next day he died. When do they ever cremate a person the next day after death in a murder case?

Suge & Pac

Suge and Tupac were both in this car you see above.

Tupac's vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge didn't get hit once.. He was 'grazed' by a bullet.. Why did Tupac get shot all those times and Suge not get hit?  Some say Tupac was trying to jump in the back seat and all the bullits hit him. But thats still wierd.

Suge said he drove Tupac to the hospital and they had a coherent conversation? How bad was Tupac hit? Obviously not enough if he could talk.


Tupac ... Is He alive

Suge Knight and Pac seems to be the only two rappers alive that would have enough balls to pull this.

Other possible clues are contained in the new album. It is called “The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory” which is still a mystery in definition. Inside the cover, it reads “Exit: 2pac, Enter: Makaveli” as if 2pac has died and Makaveli born.

On his Album it says exit 2pac and enter Makaveli. Now this could be literally. He could have meant goodbye 2pac and hello Makaveli. Like a rebirth. A ressurection.


The cover of Makaveli DK 7 Day Theory holds many hidden icons, and references Marketing Hype<

The only witness who was going to step up and I.D. the shooter was Kadafi (Yafeu Fula) but he was shot a few months after Tupac.

In the first few seconds of the Makaveli song INTRO/BOMB FIRST, you can hear who is claimed to be Kadafi saying "Suge Shot Me"

Tupac always rapped and did videos on his death, and how his funeral would be. Why was he cremated?

In the song, " Life of An Outlaw," an Outlaw says, "All For the street fame on how to be managed, to plan shit six months in advane to what we plotted, approved to go on swole, and now I got it..."

In the song, "Made Niggas," on the, "Gang Related," and, "Supercop," soundtracks, Tupac says, "Fuck 'em all who can't understand my plot to get richer...Outlaw to the grave, a muthafuckin' made nigga..."






7 Day Theory

If Tupac is still alive, we will indid know one day, but if the Killuminati was what Tupac was doing, he would have returned on September 13th, 2003.

More facts are 2 come

There is alot of mystery behind the death of Tupac Shakur. If any other star was mudered, his killers would have been found already?